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Adams school is my happy place

Our daughter, Melanie would say ‘”Adams school is my happy place, it’s a where everyone cares and wants the best for me. Whether I am working on social skills, learning about plants or running my fingers through the dirt, the possibilities for me are endless. I’m always looking forward to lunch or snack. Community outreach gives me the chance to see if anyone will say hello or shy away from me. I get to leave home everyday to see what lies ahead of me it’s fun being nosey that way. Coming home is special too because my bus drivers are careful they are trained that way . My world is really no different than yours
In God’s eyes we are fearfully and wonderfully made, He didn’t discriminate with gender,race or creed, so there’s really no difference in you and me.”

Diane Kautz, parent

My daughter Heather attends Vivian B. Adams School. With great pride and joy we call the school “our family.” Heather has always been ready to go, never wants to stay out, and doesn’t like long holidays. That lets me know, as a mother, they are doing something right !

The staff at Adams goes beyond the call to be everything my child needs. I can never thank the staff enough for loving my child. I’m ending this with “Thank God for the lady named Vivian B. Adams.”

Linda Oglesby

My daughter, Amanda Shellhouse has been going to Vivian B. Adams for a little over a year now. I can not say enough wonderful things about this facility. From the teachers, to the bus drivers and every one in between, they have all welcomed her with open arms. Since being at VBA, she looks forward to getting up every morning to go and be with her friends. Miss Renea makes Amanda feel like she is important by giving her little tasks to do. She always tells me “I have a lot to do when I get to school.” Miss Hannah has been very helpful with the transition from the previous facility to VBA. There is always something going on for the individuals to do. She gets to go on so many field trips and get out in the community. I feel that this is so important for our “special ones”. They need to feel included and a part of the community and VBA makes that happen. I know that when Amanda gets on the bus in the mornings, she is going to have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun and socializing with her new friends. Thank you Vivian B. Adams School for making Amanda and I feel welcomed and loved by all!

Sandra Shellhouse

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