VBAS Awarded $44,950 for Amelia Brown Kitchen Remodel

VBAS Awarded $44,950 for Amelia Brown Kitchen Remodel

The intellectual and physical needs of the individuals with developmental disabilities attending Vivian B. Adams School vary tremendously; a common need among all individuals at VBAS, as well as the surrounding community is the need for food and nutrition literacy.  The challenge for VBAS is the lack of a specialized kitchen facility needed for teaching food and nutrition literacy and culinary skills to our unique population.”

These two sentences touched the hearts of our friends at Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union and with a grant of $44,950 the kitchen currently in the Amelia Brown Building will soon be remodeled into a fully handicapped culinary arts facility.  “We are so grateful for the support of AACFCU and look forward to expanding the partnership we have formed as we remodel our kitchen facility,” stated Hannah Parker, VBAS Director.

The VBAS Family is extremely grateful for this funding and for the support of our local community.

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