Other Services

The Work Connection program staff help to connect adult consumers to work in their community. This service is in collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation Services. A person does not have to be enrolled at Vivian B. Adams School to access this service, but must have mental retardation.

Adult Personal Care services are offered to help with daily living skills in the home. Examples would include bathing, toileting, dressing, and incidental household cleaning. These services are provided on an hourly basis and are available for adults with mental retardation.

In-Home Respite services are offered to help the primary care giver for an adult with mental retardation. This help is in the form of a staff member who comes into the home to perform the care giving duties normally performed by the primary care giver. Since these services have a limited number of hours available for each person, typically these services are used to provide the temporary care services needed during a family crisis. However, the primary care giver may elect to use the maximum hours allowable for any reason.

Transportation services are offered to individuals residing in the six county area served by VBAS.

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