Burkett Workforce Training

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BWTBurkett Work Training

The overall focus throughout the Burkett Workforce Training Program is to assist each person in becoming as independent as possible in the development of practical and useful skills.  Emphasis is placed on:

  • Life Safety:   To gain an understanding and ability to respond to basic safety issues. To be able to live as independently as possible with the least amount of supports needed.
  • Community Awareness: To identify community activities that are typical for the adult population.   These activities include, but are not limited to, bowling, dining out, shopping, picnicking, attending movies, going to school plays and musicals, etc.
  • Work Readiness:   To prepare those that are interested in joining the public workforce to learn skills that will help them to become gainfully employed

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The individuals served in The BWT Department train on these  expanded life skills, but also are afforded the opportunity to gain on-the-job training while participating in paid work activities.  These activities include recycling of newspapers, cardboard and aluminum cans.   They also produce grade stakes from raw materials that are sold to local businesses.  There are currently 28 individuals served with 3 staff members.

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