Adult Training

For adults with intellectual disabilities who are over the age of twenty-one, independent living and work preparation training is the focus. This training is planned through the person-driven planning process and includes varied options designed to build self-reliance skills. These training options typically include advanced academics, personal hygiene, money management, work habits, appropriate interpersonal skills for the work place, job education training (in house on the job training) and compensated contract work.

There are five core programs for adults, each designed to be progressively more challenging:

The Basic Life Adult and Skills Training (BLAAST) program represents the entry program for many adults with a focus on training in basic self-help grooming, task attention, and communication.

The Progressive Training Program (PTP) represents the next level program with a focus in advanced self-help grooming, staying on task, communication & basic academics. To be eligible for entry, a person must be able to stay on task for 15 minutes, display no interfering self-stimulatory behavior and possess a mechanism to express wants and needs.

The Kirke Adams Training Zones (KATZ) represents the next level program with a focus on training independent living, personal management, community living, and work habit skill development. To be eligible for entry, a person must be able to stay on task for 30 minutes, have an interest in the exploration of the world of work or in community living, be able to recognize his/her printed first name, make use of his/her mechanism to make wants and needs known, and display a basic level of personal grooming skills.

If the person is interested in working eventually in the community, the next level of program is the Burkett Workforce Training (BWT) center. This program has a focus on production work skill development for compensation. To be eligible for entry, a desire to work, attention to task for 50 minutes and refined personal grooming skills are required.

The Job Education Training Skills (JETS) program is the next level program with a focus on independent work skills designed to refine readiness for real work in the community. Entrance criteria is ability to remain engaged for 90 minutes. Computer use is spread throughout the adult programs.

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