“Stuffin’ the Bus”


The Enterprise High School Interact ( along with the Anchor Club) is at it again !!  Our wonderful friends held their annual “Stuff the Bus” event for Adams School and as always, WE are the winners !!

Thanks to their hard work, we have restocked our supply shelves AND the monetary donation will help to “tie up the loose ends” in completing the renovation of the Jay Adams Memorial Courtyard.

This outstanding  group of young people represent all that is right with the next generation !!

We at VBAS are so grateful for their continued support and friendship.


The Spirit of the Season

img_1628We have been “well” entertained at VBAS throughout the last few weeks !!

The entire VBAS Family enjoys members of our community as they come to share the spirit of the season with us.

Thank you to South Dale Middle School, Carroll High School Jazz Band, the Lego Robotic League from our local home school group, Ariton Fourth Graders, Lou Hennies and ALL who have dropped by the school.

img_1671robotix img_1672robotics img_1649 img_1652ariton img_1639 img_1640 img_1627img_1104 img_1085 img_1084

Going the “Extra Mile”…

Call it camaraderie, call it being a team-player or just call it a love for the individuals they serve each day, the staff at Vivian B. Adams School often goes beyond the “call of duty.”

Very early Saturday morning, October 1st, fourteen VBAS staff members arrived at Ed Lisenby Lake to help with the 26th Annual Claybank 5K.  Many thanks to:

  • Belinda Carr, LaKecia Frazier, Cheryl Bell, Shryl Lightner, Diana Deter, Monica Moten, Regina Bean, Melissa Straw, Heidi Hasselberg, Aubrey Corey, Renea Fuller, Hannah Parker, Kathy Brooks, and Brandy Carr
  • Staff member, Bill Meyer, not only entered the race himself, he walked with several VBAS individuals who entered and actually pushed the wheelchair of one of the participants the entire 3.1 miles !!!

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Last Thursday, September 29th, Financial Coordinator, Renae Nance closed “the books” and silenced her computer to share her piano playing skills and accompany several individuals as they sang in our annual talent show.


A huge thanks to the staff at VBAS for ALL you do ALL the time !