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Vivian B. Adams

Directed by Hannah Parker, Vivian B. Adams School currently serves 124 individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Vivian B. Adams School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is located at 2047 Stuart Tarter Road in Ozark, Alabama. We serve individuals from Barbour, Coffee, Dale, Henry, Houston, and Pike Counties in an extended year program.

Our Vision

Connecting to Possibilities

Our Mission

At Vivian B Adams School, we are dedicated to providing students opportunities for a meaningful life.

Our Slogan

Visualize it — Believe it — Achieve it

Our Goals

We want to connect by building relationships between all stakeholders enhancing opportunities to increase knowledge, life skills, and social interactions in all programs. We want to celebrate achievements, milestones, and everyday life in the Vivian B Adams School Family. We want to create an environment of diverse experiences that empower learning and promote self-confidence and collaboration.


1960 – 1968

Beginning in 1960 several individuals worked actively to create an awareness of the need to help children with special needs and not send them off to state institutions. This community effort grew over time due to the hard work and persistence of these individuals. These individuals foresaw the need for the city to acquire land for future school sites or park lands and worked with the city council.

The wife of Colonel J. C. Stebbins lobbied the offices of Kirke Adams as well as that of Mayor Douglas Brown to ask for local funding to leverage available federal dollars to fund a facility for handicapped children.

The City of Ozark recorded the transfer of property owned by S.W. Tarter to the city of Ozark for “future school sites or park lands.”


The City of Ozark deeded 18.83 acres of the original S. W. Tarter property to the newly created Dale County Mental Retardation Board. This eighteen acres, located on Stuart Tarter Road ( named for Mr. Tarter’s son) is the campus for Vivian B. Adams School.


In 1977, the Samuel Kirke Adams Building was built and dedicated to Samuel Kirke Adams for his lifetime of service, deep feelings, and understanding of all the people in Dale County.  He was instrumental in organizing the Dale County Mental Retardation Board and securing the buildings for Vivian B. Adams School.


In 1971, Vivian B. Adams School began providing services for students; the Amelia Brown Building was built in memory of Kathryne Amelia Brown.


In 1987, the Vivian B. Adams School Work Center was built as a sheltered workshop for individuals at the school.


In 1975, the McGregor Building, an addition to Vivian B. Adams School’s main building, was supported and built in honor of Thomas W. and Frances H. McGregor.


In 2016, with the help of Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development, Vivian B. Adams School was able to build a handicapped accessible tunnel house and began vegetable production.