How We Are Coping and Continuing at VBAS….

How We Are Coping and Continuing at VBAS….

Like everyone, each staff member and each of our individuals have been directly impacted by COVID-19; the VBAS Family continues to work diligently to find new ways to connect.
What are we doing?

**Each week our teachers and department heads call and check in with each student and each individual and their families.
**VBAS regularly posts video clips from staff members and friends on our Facebook Page. We also use the page to relay information helpful to our families.

**Continuing events in a new way

The Annual VBAS Spring Plant Sale was possible thanks to Pat’s Petals. The staff at Pat’s Petals partnered with greenhouse manager, Starla Andrews, delivered and sold our plants at their nursery location.

Our Annual Spring Dance was held on April 17th with our favorite DJ, Henry via Facebook Live.

The NRCS Outreach Meeting scheduled on the VBAS Campus on March 26th was released on April 15th on our YouTube Channel with video of all presenters and all information.

**Postponing events

Our All-In Credit Union Culinary Arts Center Open House and Dedication will be re-scheduled.

The Fourth Annual Hounds Hunting with Heart, UKC Night Hunt and Bench Show will be re-scheduled.