Celebrating Our Survivors


Cancer survivors from our VBAS Family; Barbara Mitchell and Ann Pyle

It is the rare family that has not been touched by breast cancer and our Adams School Family is no exception.  Ann Pyle, VBAS kitchen assistant and Barbara Mitchell, VBAS teacher aide and bus driver are breast cancer survivors !!

Both of these remarkable ladies credit early detection as the key to conquering their cancer.

Barbara has been employed at Adams School for 24 years.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, 2015 and immediately began treatment.  She is cancer free !

Ann has been cancer free for 21 months;  she believes that the support and love of her friends at Adams School, as well as her love of her job enabled her to go through her treatments and surgery with very little stress or worry.

These two remarkable women are a reminder to all of us to “stay on top” of our health.

We salute them !


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