VBAS Artists…in the 2016 Capitol Showcase Art Exhibition !

Jessika Hooper, recognized by Commissioner Perdue

Jessika Hooper, recognized by Commissioner Perdue

Congratulations to Bryant Ware, Tony Johnson, Cedric Scott, Amber Kamerer, Jessika Hooper, Tracy Roberts and Annie Bell ! Art submitted from these individuals was selected for the 2016 Capitol Showcase Consumer Art Exhibition in the Old Supreme Court Library in the Alabama State Capitol.


“Flower” by Tony Johnson


“Untitled” by Annie Bell


“Different Strokes” by Cedric Scott


“Circles” by Bryant Ware


Tracy Roberts with “Happy”


Amber and Bill Kamerer with Amber’s work “Autumn Tree”

Artists were recognized by Commissioner of Mental Health, Jim Perdue.  Commissioner Perdue encouraged the artists reminding them they are ” assets to the State of Alabama and beautiful people”.  Art will remain on display through June and will be seen by visitors to the capitol not only from Alabama, but from other states and other countries.

Our VBAS family is proud of the talent of our individuals !!

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