A Visit from the Commissioner

On Monday, February 22nd, VBAS was honored to host a visit from the Alabama Commissioner of Mental Health, Jim Perdue.  Commissioner Perdue and Cary Hill, Chief of Staff toured our school and shared their vision for our future.  It is obvious they understand the needs of our special citizens and are working diligently to provide for those in Alabama who are least able to provide for themselves.

We salute you Commissioner Perdue and Chief Hill and thank you from all of the staff, families and caregivers and our six county community for standing with us.

Commissioner Perdue joining the action at PE time

Commissioner Perdue joining the action at PE time

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Hearing our concerns and sharing his vision

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Of course Commissioner Perdue and VBAS Board Member, Dr. Bob Crosby were not leaving without a greeting from Ryan Owens !!

We Appreciate Our Bus Drivers !!!

Every weekday twelve Vivian B. Adams School buses travel the six count area served by VBAS.  Each bus is driven with love by a well-qualified driver and CPR certified and trained aides.  The bus drivers and aides change “hats” when they arrive at school and they go into the classrooms serving the needs of our individuals as classroom aides.

We salute and appreciate each of our bus personnel !!! 

When you see them on the road in Barbour,Coffee, Dale, Henry, Houston and Pike Counties…give them a smile and a wave.

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