The Tunnel House is Underway !!!

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (4)

Construction has begun !! The VBAS Tunnel House Project is officially underway….adding this structure to our campus will give our individuals an opportunity to grow winter greens such as collards, kale and a wide variety of lettuces for personal use, our lunchroom to use and hopefully an overflow to sell to our friends in the community !!!

VBAS is very excited to partner with Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development in adding a tunnel house to our campus.  Enterprise Rotary Club and Wiregrass Construction have also partnered with us to provide resources.

This project will progress quickly….we will keep you posted !

FYI:   A tunnel house is a tunnel made of a wooden frame and covered with polyethylene. The interior heats up from the sun and warms plants, soil, and other things inside the building faster than heat can escape the structure. Air warmed by the heat from hot interior surfaces is retained in the building by the roof and wall. Tunnel Houses can be used to provide a higher temperature and/or humidity than that which is available in the environment but can also protect crops. This allows fruits and vegetables to be grown at times usually considered off season.

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