Who’s Who at VBAS: Kay Nicholas, Early Intervention


At VBAS we serve all ages of individuals with special needs.  Early Intervention serves our youngest individuals.

Alabama’s EI (Early Intervention) System is committed to providing quality services for eligible children.

Kay Nicholas is service coordinator for the Dale County Early Intervention System.  Kay is a native of Ozark, a graduate of Carroll High School, the University of Alabama and UAB.  She holds a B.S. and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Before coming to VBAS, Kay taught kindergarten and pre-K.  She developed her interest for special needs children while “shadowing” children with Autism.  In Kay’s words, “the best part of my job is meeting families and helping to meet the special needs of their children.” 


Early Intervention is:

  • Provided from birth to three years of age
  • Eligibility is based on 25% or greater delay in one of the five developmental areas or a qualifying diagnosis
  • Provided in a natural environment, such as at home or in a daycare setting
  • Individualized based on the specific needs of each child and family
  • No cost to family
  • Working with the medical community

The process proceeds quickly, a referral for a child ages birth to 3 must be acted upon within two working days of identification.  Within 45 days of referral, the eligible child is evaluated and a meeting held to set up services.

Services may include physical, speech and/or occupational therapies.

Need referral information or want to know more about these resources ? Contact : Child Find 1-800-543-3098

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