“New Life” for your Newspaper

Recently I had the opportunity to join JoAnn Kujawa, Jimmy Reeves and Tony Johnson as they picked up newspapers from the Martindale Plaza “paperhouse.”

I learned that this pick up is Step One in the process of preparing papers for recycling by the individuals in the Raygene Burkett Center.

Step Two is removing the inserts and “slicks” from the papers and bundling them for pick up;  Waste Management picks up when the papers reach a weight of 45,000 lbs

The paperhouse at Martindale Plaza is just one of many locations…in Ozark you can also drop your newspapers at the police station behind CVS.

image image image

Pinckard has a drop off at the police station and Level Plains has a church drop off location.  The library at Ft. Rucker collects newspapers for VBAS.

Have cardboard or aluminum cans you would like to recycle?  You can bring those to us at VBAS.

I spoke with Tony and Jimmy as they were working….they said the best part of pick up day is the trip to the store for a snack afterwards !!

But…they also like the money they earn working with the newspaper recycling program.

JoAnn Kujawa is the “driver” for these two hard-working men.  She shared that working with the special needs individuals at VBAS is a “first” for her and

” this job and these individuals have been such a “help ” to her after the loss of her husband.

2014 Claybank 5k

Seventy nine runners and walkers, several fun runners, beautiful weather, and great sponsors….added up to a tremendous rebirth of the Claybank 5K Run to benefit The Friends of Vivian B. Adams School !!

IMG_0094registration 5K

A big heartfelt ” Thank You” to all of our sponsors, our volunteers, and especially to our “Runners and Walkers”, because of your support over $  5000.00   has been added to the Scholarship Fund at VBAS !!

For more photos( thanks to our wonderful photographer, Kathy Brooks)….maybe even yours….go to our Facebook page and “like Us”….www.facebook/vivianbadams.com


Josh Stevens Overall Winner of the 2014 Claybank 5K, finishing the 3.1 miles in an amazing 21:02 !!!

2014 Claybank 5K Awards


Male—Josh Stevens 21:02

Female—Kristina Bennett 24:52

Master (40+)

Male—Charles Irving 25:43

Female—Angie Adams 28:15

Grandmaster (50+)

Male—Butch Binford 26:11

Female—Jeanie Eddy 27:59

Senior Grandmaster (60+)

Male—Ken McGinty 26:49

Female—Rosie Oates 28:31


Male—Chase Wolff

Female—Chloe Draper


Male—Kain Kirkley

Female—Samantha Adams


Male—Coulter Fulgim

Female—Taylor Adams


No Entrees


Male—No Entry

Female—Mary Shaffer


Male—Casey Master

Female—Brandy Harty


Male—Joey Skinner

Female—Erin Stevens


Male—Charles Ammons with Chris Burch

Female—Shannon Chancey


Male—Tony Walker

Female—Teresa Stevens


Male—No Entrees

Female—Tammy Stinson


Male—Randy Eddy

Female—Sandra Binford


Male—Don Lusk

Female—Michelle English


Male—Dwight Tew

Female—Sue Childree


Male—Winston Howell

Female—Katie West


Special Recognition Awards

Bo Kelley and Betty Phillips