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Sally Butler instructs Sandy Smith

Sally Butler instructs Sandy Smith

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Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of Sally Butler, Fitness Instructor with the Enterprise YMCA Vivian B. Adams School will soon be offering Water Aerobics to our individuals as well as community members !!

Sally prepared and equipped interested VBAS staff members and community members in the “how to” of leading water aerobics classes….offering tips and advice, as well as demonstrating (and having members mimic) warm ups, cardio and toning movements and a cool down.

VBAS individuals will reap the benefits of these “easy on the joint” movements during their pool time……An early morning and a late afternoon class for interested community members are in the planning !!!

An attentive "bunch"!

An attentive “bunch”!

Interested ? For more information, call Susan Owens at 334.618.5189 or email

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