BWT: Getting Down to Business

The Burkett Workforce Training Center is a vital program at Vivian B. Adams School.  The video clip shows our woodshop.  The woodshop produces stakes and hubs for use in industry as well as agriculture.


BWT also employees workers to prepare newspapers for recycling.  Newspapers can be left at VBAS or at bins located in Ozark at the police station, Carroll High School and Martindale Plaza. We also have collection bins in Level Plains and on  Ft. Rucker at the post library.  At the Burkett Work Center, newspapers are bundled and cardboard boxes baled to be picked up by Waste Management.

untitledaluminum cans

Like many schools and businesses, VBAS has “in house” collection and crushing of aluminum cans.  This aluminum is taken to Philips Salvage for recycling.

photo bwt

If you are in need of the wood products we make….or have newspapers, cardboard or aluminum cans collecting around the house…let us help…for more information call VBAS at 334-774-5132 or reach the Burkett Work Training Center directly at 334-774-8219


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