If a picture and is worth a thousand words, one might really understand the point given here is that we don’t take short cuts on safety and security ; this also includes and is not limited to transportation alone.  Throughout the year, students and adult individuals go through several drills in order to ensure that proper procedures are followed no matter who is involved.  Given the fact we’re a school that caters to special needs, there are really no exceptions to any rule when it comes to safety and security.

roger bus 2


In this photo, one of our adult individuals demonstrates the use of our emergency exit windows during a practice drill for this webpage.  It’s drills like these that makes our transportation system safe and secure; especially when riders know what to do,  when to do it and how to do it.  Special thanks to Mrs. Miranda Kirkland who is just one of the 12 regular route drivers for helping with the practice drill exercise.

roger bus photo 1

In this picture, one individual shows how the rear emergency exit works.

It’s drills like these that make all the difference when it comes to saving lives and preventing mass panic.  Other drills conducted periodically include fire, severe weather and lockdown drills.  Staff periodically reviews policy and procedures regarding additional issues like CPR and first-aid as part of a normal routine here.

With security becoming the major issue with any school or special facility like ours, it’s very important to the community in general to know every effort is being made to keep everyone safe and secure no matter the issue. As I said earlier, we don’t take short cuts anywhere when it comes to safety and security.

roger bus 3

I’m sure all parents and caregivers are pleased to know we here at VBAS are doing everything possible to protect their loved ones here at the facility.  Please feel free to comment and share ideas with our staff if you have one.  Anything we can do to make it better for them would be what we’d try to do.  This is all the more reason why we need this communication link as we deal with a growing threat every day; it’s you, the general public who can sometimes be our eyes and ears; so, if you hear or see something that looks out of place or you know of an issue we need to be made aware of right away, please let us know immediately.

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