Since the beginning of the time when VBAS started using buses, the transportation of individuals to and from this facility from surrounding counties has been part of the services we’ve been pleased and blessed to have.  As a result of numerous efforts, we’ve also made this system safer and comfortable for the riders; given the fact that some routes last nearly an hour before some individuals reach their final destination.  Also, we operate on a year round schedule.

In addition to the standard requirements that school buses must have, we also went a step further by including air conditioning and seat belts.  A camera system was added to ensure safety and compliances with all policies and laws.




Our drivers not only drive the buses, they also work on staff here when not driving the buses.  VBAS serves six counties and  and travels nearly a thousand miles per day on regular routes; in addition to field trips.  For the most part, there are also aides on the buses when needed for obvious purposes because of the type of school we are.  The school and the buses operate on a year round schedule.

It’s important for motorists to be patient when one of our buses stops to load or unload individuals as in some cases; a lift may be needed for this process.

Throughout the year, drivers and other staff periodically get refreshers as to the current standard and laws to apply to our special situation.  Riders are also given safety reminders as to safe loading and unloading practices as well as go through evacuation drills.  There’s no substitute for being as safe as we possibly can, and it never hurts to be reminded from time to time about such practices.

So as you can see from this information, that’s the extent we’ll go to insure that the ride on the bus is as safe as it possibly can be within the laws and standards of our policy.  In the wake of last year’s incident which made national news, we’ve stepped up proactive measures to insure nothing like the Midland City hostage crisis ever happens here.  The child hostage was a special needs individual himself, but we’re all thankful he wasn’t killed during that week-long ordeal

Visiting VBAS: Enterprise Rotary and EHS Interact

photo 2with sam

At VBAS, we love company !!

We were excited to host the Enterprise Rotary Club Board and some members of the Interact Club from Enterprise High School for a tour and lunch on Wednesday, March 12th.

EHS Interact has adopted VBAS as their local project.  Through April 19th, the group members will be collecting classroom supplies for VBAS.  Collection containers are at 5 businesses and on Saturday, April 19th, a VBAS bus will parked at the Enterprise Walmart for a “stuff the bus” event !!

We had a great day , as you can see…

photo 1 katz

photo 3coach and joe


New Board Member Orientation

Wednesday, March 5th an orientation for new board members was held at VBAS.

Bonnie Crawford, Pat Jackson and Peter Bruggink attended the very informative discussion.

Board members, Bonnie Crawford and Pat Jackson listen as Beverly Peluso, School Nurse, discusses her job duties.

Board members, Bonnie Crawford and Pat Jackson listen as Beverly Peluso, School Nurse, discusses her job duties.

Beverly Peluso, BSN, our school nurse, Cindi Miles, ID Services Coordinator, Cheryl Bell, LEA Coordinator, Kathy Brooks, Case Management Supervisor, Kay Nicholas, Early Intervention, and Steven Hines, Transportation Supervisor shared information about their departments.

Kay Nicholas, Early Intervention, makes her presentation

Kay Nicholas, Early Intervention, makes her presentation

Did you know…..

  • Our case managers provide help with individuals far beyond the walls and campus of VBAS; taking individuals shopping, to doctors appointments, etc
  • Our Early Intervention Program serves children from birth to 3 years old in their homes.
  • VBAS sends 12 buses each weekday to pick up our individuals;  our buses travel over 1,000 miles daily and use 1,000 gallons of gas every 8 working days !!
  • Our LEA department currently serves 26 students from ages 3-21, in 4 classrooms with 4 teachers and aides.
  • VBAS has 4 adult programs and a greenhouse.  All of these programs meet individuals at their learning level and the goal of all programs is to help our individuals be as independent as possible.
  • Our school nurse not only serves our individuals medical needs, she teaches CPR to our staff and manages our Sensory Room.