Telling the Story of VBAS: Cheryl Bell

photo cheryl bellIn a society where the average person changes jobs 10-15 times during their working life, Cheryl Bell is a true exception !!

After completing her student internship at Vivian B. Adams School, Cheryl was offered a job.  In the fall of 1975 she began her career in the classroom at VBAS where she continues to change the lives of students.   Cheryl has worked with the infants and toddlers, the preschool and with adaptive behavior.  Currently, she is the coordinator of the LEA Department and teaches the preschool classroom.

Cheryl’s ultimate goal, “is to help prepare our children for kindergarten.”   Her love for her students and her passion for the work she does is obvious in the dedication she has to Adams School.  Cheryl Bell is one of the foundational people who has given Adams School our reputation as a caring, loving, community resource.

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