Telling the Story of VBAS: Gail Tew and Cheryl Bell “Seasoned Veterans”

Vivian B. Adams School is a wonderful and rewarding place to work.  Many have begun their careers here and later returned to work and end their careers here.  We are honored to have two staff members that have been a part of our VBAS Family for almost 40 years!!  Gail Tew,  Financial Coordinator and Cheryl Bell, LEA Preschool Teacher began their careers in the fall of 1975.

In August, 1975, the first director of Adams School, Mr. Raygene Burkett hired Gail Tew as a teacher’s aide in the Vocational Department.  Gail says, ” I had friends who shared their experiences working at Adams School and I thought it would be a wonderful place to work.  The school followed the schedule of the public schools and it gave me the opportunity to be off with my own children.”  After six months in the classroom, Gail was moved to the administrative staff as a statistician/bookkeeper.  Soon her duties included secretary….substitute bus driver…assistant facilities supervisor…and when the first computer came, she moved into financial record keeping.

According to Gail, ” My job has been challenging and interesting.  I enjoy my work and feel I have contributed to the progress and success of Adams School.  I love the students and the opportunity to work and interact with them and their families.”

Vivian B. Adams school is a community success story and people like Gail Tew are a vital part of that story.  Cheryl Bell is a foundational part of the success of our LEA program. Read her story coming soon !

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