Birds and Bowling :)

We have been busy this week at VBAS !!

Wednesday morning the “Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary” in Enterprise came and entertained us with their birds.



Ryan and Tamesha sharing the spotlight with the albino blue jay .

Thursday was our regular bowling date in Dothan with our friends from Vaughn Blumberg;  here is Charles up for a strike !

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Telling the Story of Adams School

 1187251_414772918628707_1826693655_n                                          Gwen Barefield and her longtime friend, Jomo

From the Older…

“Jomo sat on the front porch in the swing facing south.  Occasionally he stood to spit tobacco juice over the hedges. “Boy, me happy, happy, happy. God  good to me boy,” he said more as announcement than conversation.  But he never took his eyes off the road.  He was waiting anxiously for the Vivian B. Adams School bus…This humble-souled special needs black man is in his second year at Vivian B. and it has given new purpose to his unique journey.” (Shared from an article in the  Southern Star by Jeri Barefield)

To the Younger…

“We recently moved from South Carolina where we had access to excellent special needs programs, Vivian B. Adams School has been an answer to our prayers.  We were looking for the same support, the same family feeling, and the same love we had experienced before our move….and we found it here.   From day one, Jonathan went into his classroom, took Mrs. Cheryl Bell’s hand and fell in love with his teacher aides.  His classroom is a great learning environment.  Jonathan has made great strides verbally and he has developed a routine that has given him a new found independence.” (Nan Maio…Jonathan’s Mom)

Brad Wessner and his “buddy” Jonathan Maio

1901407_486038064835525_665922293_nJONATHAN MAIO