More About Vivian

photo (30)-3 vivian portrait


This March will mark Vivian’s 3rd year at VBAS.   This sweet natured mixed breed bulldog came to us one stormy day in March.  She was actually brought to our doors by Biscuit, a local dog who came routinely to VBAS.  On this particular day Biscuit disappeared after leaving this poor, wet and disheveled creature on our doorstep.  We brought her in, dried her off and cleaned her up;  we posted “lost dog” announcements in the area, but couldn’t find her owner….so she became ours.

Vivian loves VBAS. She spends the school day greeting individuals, hanging out in the greenhouse, and traveling from department to department with Starla Andrews, our greenhouse manager.

The only place “off limits” is the lunchroom !

Vivian is a vital part of the staff at VBAS…thank you Biscuit for bringing her to us !!

photo (38) vivian resting

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