photo (1)The pool at VBAS is a crucial part of our summer programs. Our pool provides physical therapy and exercise for our individuals as well as recreational and social opportunities. Many Adams individuals are afforded range of motion and general movement in water they cannot achieve otherwise.

Built in the early 1980’s, with the help of the Ozark Rotary Club, it has been the venue of many cookouts and swim meets.

The summer of 2013 saw the closing of our pool. The outdated materials used in the original pool construction make repair costs prohibitive. After considering repair costs along with current safety concerns of pool depth as well as entry and exit, the pool was closed and we are seeking funding to build a covered, ramped entry, therapeutic pool.

This type pool allows a graduated entry and exit without steps;  a wheelchair can be rolled in and out of the pool easily. The pool will not be over 5′ at it’s deepest point.  Enclosing the pool with a screened room will make maintenance easier and help protect individuals from the harsh summer sun.

We estimate that a screen enclosed, ramped entry pool will cost approximately $62,500.00. We have secured a low interest, long term loan from Pea River Electric Cooperative to cover one-half the construction costs….so you know the rest of the story…

We are moving forward and seeking the “other half.”

Come join us !